Easter Island With Amazing Statues

by: Triston Bolander


Easter Island is an island that was formed by 3 large volcanoes that erupted from the sea floor, that is in the South Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is 2300 miles west of Chile.

About Easter Island

The Island was named by a Dutch explorer who landed there on Easter Day. The real name of Easter Island is Rapunui. The prime source of water that is fresh is from rain that gathers in the crater lakes at Easter Island. Potatoes, sugar cane, taro roots, tobacco and tropical fruit grow in fertile soil.
Only 4000 people live on Easter Island. Easter Island's early people carved statues, called moai (Moh-eye). The statues are 10-40 ft. high. There still are about 100 statues that still stand on the Island. War broke out in the 1600's between different tribes on the island. Today about 15 statues have been put back in place but 100 statues still lay on the Island.


Rongorongo is a picture writing with geometric shapes. Not many islanders could under stand the writing rongorongo because it is very old. Authenic rongorongo text are written in alternating directions. The objects are mostly tablets shaped from irregular pieces of wood also drift wood. Rongorongo is the modern name for the inscriptions.


The climate of Easter Island is classified as a tropical rain forest. Easter Island's isolated location exposes it to winds which help to keep the temperature fairly cool. Precipitation averages 44 inches per year. Occasionally, heavy rainfall and rainstorm strike the island.