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Editor-in-chief, Karalyn Recker.

What is our food's story?

When deciding what we eat, shouldn’t we know what happens to our food before we put it down on the dinner table? It seems like a simple question but surprising a lot of Americans don’t think of this. Believe or not every meal you put on your dinner table has a story.

American, Upton Sinclar, did think of this. In fact he went undercover to find out what our American food really goes through before it is just a dinner plate for our kids. This man went undercover to focus on the harsh working conditions. This slowly changed when he found out was going on behind the closed doors of meatpacking industries.

Although the harsh working conditions for the workers were still a huge problem, with how dangerous and unhygienic it is, the packing of our American meat was worse. Upton Sinclar wrote a book, “The Jungle.” The name of the book perfectly describe the course of our food.

The story behind our food is harsh and inhumane. He found rat droppings and the meat was being chemically treated so the smell of the old meat wouldn’t stand out to any average family. It’s nothing a true American family would want to feed their family, is it?

The harsh chemicals going in our body is nothing to be happy about. In fact, our own Americans are feeding this us. Shinning the light on meatpacking industries is what Americans everywhere need. Next time you sit down before dinner, will you now think of your food's story?

And to the future..

July 8th, 1977.

Dear future Americans of the United States,

My name is Alice Paul and I am one of the many women that fought for the right to vote. As I’m laying on my death bed I’ve realized that they are many things that I need to tell my fellow American’s. Throughout my fight for women’s rights I’ve come to realize many things. The women I fought alongside with in this battle for the vote, all had their own conflicts and problems that they were going through at the time. They could’ve stopped fighting and left and dealt with themselves, but these women were strong. They knew what they wanted and they were driven. Not to mention how many things these women gave up just to fight for their right.

It was amazing to wake up every day and see the women fight for what they wanted, without standing back in the crowds. They really continued to challenge themselves every day. That’s what I’m here to tell all of you.

A day is wasted if you aren’t challenging yourself. Although challenges aren’t easy and require a lot of work, it will always be worth it in the end. Every challenge is scary, but that is simply because you never really know the outcome of any given situation. I’m here to tell you, you need to lot over the challenge and start seeing the outcome.

Trying to succeed and failing is better than not trying and failing. As American, we don’t give up when something is hard. We fight for what we want and it should always be that way. Never step down to the challenge. Always stand up.

Never give up,

Alice Paul

Time To Do Some Busting

September the year of 1901 is when Theodore Roosevelt took on the rule of president of the United States. He’s slogan for his campaign involved the Square Deal. He was a believer that businesses were essential to the nation’s growth, although he also believed they should behave fair. He promised to “see that each person is given a square deal, because he is entitled to no more and should receive no less.” He forward his word and started the trust-busting. He would not allow big monopolies that make unfair competition, giving businesses around the U.S. a fair chance in actually having a business. His busting skills were so sharp that he eliminated all monopolies and gave that fair chance to all business owners.

The Evil Queen Is No Longer The Queen

The so called "Queen" of Hawaii should have never doubted the power of the U.S. Armed forces! When she wouldn’t give up her title, she should have thought about how we would strike back! That’s correct, we got her to back down!

“She was shocked, scared for the most part... She knew exactly why we were there and she didn’t look so happy about it,” says one of our top Marines that were on the mission.

Queen Liliuokalani surrendered her power of queen when the U.S. came knocking on her door!

“We stomped in there, made her look down our loaded barrels, and gave her the helpless choice of not being queen or simply not even being alive… She knew that we meant business,” said another Marine that was on the scene.

After the weak queen saw how powerful we really were she had no choice but to back down. Goes to show just how strong America really is!

Stamp That Kaiser

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Buying liberty bonds will help your U.S. troops over sea fighting the Central Powers! Do you want us to win the war and bring them home? Do your part and help us support the troops!

To The War We Go!

It was a mid-March day the year of 1917 when tragedy hit American. German U-Boats sank the American merchant ships. Causing deaths of American lives. Not to worry, U.S. President Wilson will not stand for American destruction without fighting back. The world has it after he heard of the awful event he held a meeting with his cabinet. He knew no American should take destruction of our own property!

On April 2nd U.S. President declared war and sided with the allies. The Americans that didn’t support with the war didn’t understand what damage the Germans really did to the U.S. The Germans attacked our fellow Americans and caused death. There for they should pay for it. This is what many other Americans think as well.

When Americans sit and wonder why they ever entered in the war they should remember the crimes of Germany against the U.S.

Blowing The Stage Away

Bessie Smith is one of the many Jazz singers you can listen to, but this why she should be Americans favorite. When starting her career in 1912, she was a dancer in the Moses Stokes minstrel show. She was blowing the stage away right as she started.

This powerful and soulful singer kept her streak going and kept doing shows until she was discovered in 1923. When a worker from Columbia Records saw one of her shows and was shocked. She began writing and recording songs right after signing with them. In which, “Downtown Blues” was included. This album sold over 800,000 copies, over all giving her the spotlight for jazz music.

She was a star right as she started. People of America fell in love with the way she projected her voice and how lovely every note sounded. She has a special talent and she is here to make sure no one would forget that.

An album from Bessie Smith is something every American that likes jazz and soulful music needs in their house. She will always be a real American star.

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Hit With Power America!

Josh Gibson is not well known, but he certainly should be for being such an amazing American athlete. His time playing baseball was in the Negro Baseball League. He was known as the best power hitter of his era.

He became a professional baseball by accident in 1929. He became to be known as the best home-run hitter. He didn’t just hit, he was also occasionally played left field or third base, but never for more than one game.

His skills were natural. He has a powerful arm and a quick release making his balls impossible to hit. He will go down in being an American legend.

The States of America!