The Scientific Method

By: Maria Hernandez

1) State the problem

In order to begin anything you have to state the problem which you want to prove an idea for, or solve.

2) Form a hypothesis

The hypothesis is basically the idea or solution you are trying to prove.

3) Design the procedure

To design the procedure you need the hypothesis to guide your steps.

4) Conduct the experiment

Conducting the experiment involves following your procedure step by step.

On the right is a celery experiment; proving that plant stems absorb water.

5) Analyze the data

Once you finish your experiment, you must analyze the data of the experiment conducted.The way to do this is to go over all the results to make sure there are no mistakes.

6) Form a conclusion

Stating the problem, forming a hypothesis, designing the procedure, conducting the experiment and analyzing the data all lead up to the conclusion which is a sum of the whole process.