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Silver Strand Elementary School November 26, 2018

Spotlights and Reminders

  • Please check our Lost&Found items in the mornings at drop-off and afternoons at pick-up--we will be donating unclaimed items next week.
  • We hope we will see many Silver Strand families at Coronado Loews Bay Resort for their "Light up the Night" event on Tuesday, November 27 at 6 PM:
  • We had so much fun with pumpkins that we want to adorn our library with Voyager snowpeople! See here for guidelines on making your own snowcreature; they are due December 3:
  • We will be holding our first lockdown drill of the year on Friday, November 30, after Friday Flagpole. Please see details about how we are preparing and communicating with students in our Safety Update below.
  • ICE CREAM FRIDAY is Friday, November 30. Please send $1.50 with your child if you wish for him/her to participate. We cannot accommodate requests to deliver money to children on the day of Ice Cream Friday. Thank you for understanding!
  • This week’s ongoing theme is STORYTELLING. Schoolwide, your children have been learning about the elements of fictional narratives, including conflict/problem, rising action, climax, and resolution. Holidays are a great time for family members to share stories. What are some of the stories you tell your children? Encourage them to tell you stories (both fictional and true!) at the dinner table, in the car, and at bedtime.

Silver Strand Safety and Security Support from Karen Pierro


Dear Silver Strand Families,

Next week we will be conducting the first complete lockdown drill of this school year. During the drill, school operations and instructional activities will be halted, no employees or visitors will be granted access to our campus, and all occupants are to remain inside buildings to provide the highest level of concealment and cover.

Our office staff will contact the proper authorities to notify them that this is a drill and no offices phones will be answered as the drill is conducted.

During the drill, our staff safety team will walk the campus to ensure that all lockdown procedures were followed correctly. Once we’ve determined that all is secure, we will issue an “all clear” signal. The entire drill should take approximately 15 minutes.

In an effort to allay student fears that can be attached to this experience, teachers will have briefed their students on what to expect when we practice our first lockdown this year.

Here is what was shared with your children:

    • Our number one rule in school is to BE SAFE

    • We practice being safe in different ways:

        • Playground & campus

        • All-school drills

          • Fire

          • Earthquake

          • Lockdown

Reasons Why Our Campus Would Lockdown (all buildings, classrooms, doors, windows, etc., should be locked and secured. No movement at all):

      • A threat directly to the school or in the surrounding community

      • Nearby /neighborhood criminal or police activity

Reasons Why Our Campus Would Shelter in Place (reaction to an environmental hazard when students and staff need to seek temporary shelter):

      • Swarm of bees moving around campus

      • Unidentified/Unfamiliar dog or animal on campus who is behaving aggressively

      • Severe weather

Overview of what students should expect during the Lockdown Drill:

      • Announcement made from Mrs. Moore over loudspeaker

      • If you are outside, get inside of a room that is closest to your body

      • Expectations for classrooms once students are inside-

          • Doors locked and closed

          • Window coverings drawn

          • Lights off

          • Students spread out in safe spots (designated by teachers)

          • Staff phones on silent ringer mode

During these preparation talks, teachers & staff will also remind children that this is only a practice drill and there is no danger. We practice so we can be prepared.

As we all know, sometimes lockdown situations can frighten students. We will do everything we can to keep children calm and reassured. Staff will be encouraged to use the phrase, “We’re not scared, we’re prepared!”

Any efforts you can make at home to support this message (Safety is important, we practice lots of ways to be safe, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. After discussing this with your child/children, please contact us if there is any follow-up needed at school.

Thank you for your support with this & for helping keep our kids SAFE!

Student Council News

  • Student Council is hosting a "Sock it to Me!" Kids' Sock Drive from November 13-December 13. Please bring new socks to donate to the front office and "make someone's feet and heart happy!"
  • Spirit Day/Crazy Hair Day is FRIDAY, November 30!

PTO Updates

  • Thank you to all families who provided pies for staff members--they were beautifully presented and your Silver Strand staff are very appreciative!
  • Friday November 30, 5-8 PM in Strand Hall, is Family Fun Night featuring Literary Book Bingo with author Scott Sussman ( Please bring a gently-used book to donate; books will be bingo prizes. This is sure to be a great family evening!!

Our Voyager Yearbook Needs Your Help!

Please help us populate our yearbook with photos of our students and events by posting photos you take throughout the year at

Enter project number 925811

Thank you to our parent volunteers who put our yearbook together!

Upcoming Events


November 19-23: NO SCHOOL/Thanksgiving Break!


MON 11/26

TUES 11/27 6 PM: Holiday Light up the Night at Loews (Choir performs)

WED 11/28 Hotel Del Holiday Event (Choir performs)

4PM: Hotel Del Coronado Holiday Celebration (Choir performs)

THUR 11/29 1 PM: Optional Theatre Enrichment Club Performance/Strand Hall and evening performance for families

FRI 11/30 8:10am Friday Flagpole Assembly

8:30-8:45 AM: Lockdown Drill

ICE CREAM FRIDAY--SEND YOUR CHILD with $1.50 for ice cream if you wish

5-8 PM: PTO Book Bingo Night

NEXT NEXT WEEK: California Computer Science Education Week

MON 12/3

TUES 12/4

WED 12/5

THUR 12/6

FRI 12/7 8:10am Friday Flagpole Assembly



December 11, 13, 14: PTO Holiday Shoppe in Library

December 13: Strand Board Report at Board Meeting

December 14: Ice Cream Friday

Coronado SAFE Events and Activities

See for upcoming events, including a Coffee Talk on Monday, December 10 at 8:30 AM about kids and cyber awareness.

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