Unwrapping the Gift-ed Program

Springfield Township High School


"Educate and develop all students as learners and citizens who are high-achieving, resilient and responsible in a changing global community."

Educational Philosophy

Springfield Township High School, a small, diverse, evolving community, nurtures integrity and respect as it empowers students through a safe school culture and pursues excellence through academic rigor, engaged learning, and professional growth.

The educational philosophy of the high school has influenced the changes to the gifted program in the following ways:
  • Our small size is why the Quest courses are no longer grade dependent. Any gifted student in any grade in the high school can now enroll in either of the Quest electives.
  • The junior and senior gifted experiences, in particular, focus on each student being responsible for their own actions and respecting the needs of others in the community.
  • The curriculum of the Quest courses has been written to high academic standards, with engaging pedagogy. Students in these courses are actively engaged in learning activities.