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Parent Lightning Bolt Newsletter January 18th 2021

Dear Families and School Community,

First let me say how much you are missed. Our halls are too empty without you! We cannot wait to be together again. The staff has been so impressed with how well students are attending to their virtual lessons each day and are able to connect with one another as well as working hard on their studies!

Our lives are not the same and we long for the days when "normal" is familiar and preferable. In the meanwhile, let us be patient - with ourselves, with our families, with our community. Take the time where you need it to breathe and move away from the pressure of this "new" normal. Reach out to us if you need assistance and know you are not alone. We have each other and our collectivity is a gift. Don't hesitate - call to vent, to say hello, to ask for help - just reach out. We are here.

We continue to strive to offer support where things aren't working or can stand to be improved so please connect with the staff directly or email via email. We understand how challenging this time is and we would like you to know we want to do everything we can to help, but also we implore you to give yourself permission to allow yourself (students and families) to go slowly as you need to during this time of learning. What is most important is health and happiness.

As a Mom I know how difficult it is to work and support our children to learn and grow during distance learning. I am supportive of doing what is needed to cope during this time as best we can and implore you to reach out to our staff in order to develop solutions that will work for your family.

Don't forget to check our website each day for updates as they become available:

You can also connect with us on Twitter:


Good luck and stay safe,

Miss Henry

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Send in pictures of your pets! These will be featured in future newsletters! Our furry/tailed/feathered... animal friends are helping to make school closures a little lighter!

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When Your Child Experiences Anxiety

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