Amicalola Falls

By: Condoleeza


Do you know what the most beautiful falls in the world is? Well, it's Amicalola Falls which is located in Dawsonville, in north Georgia. Since I went there when I was very young, I think it's natural for me to want to retain more. It's wonderful view is dazzling to the eye. I hope that you learn a lot about the falls in this text.

Its Features

To begin with, water ascending down eroded rocks. It has many flights of stairs. There are also many accessible pathways. If you want to exercise you can just jog down Amicalola’s 8.5 mile trail. If you ever get bored of sightseeing or jogging, you can play on the safe playground, have a family picnic, or go to an interesting ranger program. You might also see many rare types of animals like the pileated woodpecker or the milk snake.


When I went to Amicalola Falls, I felt like there was no other place as beautiful as it. I would love to go again so that I can explore it and recollect lost information. I really believe that Amicalola falls is a big part of Amicalola Falls because it shows what is left of the Cherokee Indians.It is a 2 in1 package. I think that it is a must see.
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Its Creation

The Amicalola Falls were made by a natural force. They were made by the waters of little Amicalola Creek. The water washed over the rocks. Then, it eroded the hard rock that was on the surface, leaving the soft that was underneath. The water that the waterfall contains is also provided by Little Amicalola Falls.
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in conclusion, Amicalola Falls is located Dawsonville. It was first inhabited by the Cherokee Indians. I think that everyone should go to it becuse it would give them more info about the Western Expansion. It wolud also create great memories for them.


eroded-to eat into or away

recollect- to collect, gather. or assemble again

pileated woodpecker-a large, black-and-white American woodpecker

milk snake-any of numerous, usually brightly marked king snakes of the subspecies of North America

inhabited-occupied; livedin or on