The theme of this story is that it is ok to be different.


Leo is in 11th grade and is a producer of a show called Hot Seat. He has a crush on Stargirl.Stargirl is in 10th grade and has a really different personality, she has a rat named Cinnamon and a ukulele on her back. She has a crush on Leo.

My favorite part of the book.

My favorite part of the book is when Cinnamon ran up and licked the ear of Leo.

Figurative Language

Kevin was screaming at me. I jumped into the family pickup and raced to the stadium. I bolted from the truck. Kevin was at the gate windmilling his arm. Kevin yanked me up in the stands.


       A new girl named Stargirl starts to come to MAHS. All of a sudden its like the school is under a spell. She gave out random birthday cards and sang Happy Birthday to people in the lunchroom on her ukulele and becomes the most popular kid in school and becomes a cheerleader. Then the basketball team starts winning and she cheers for the other team too.Then the school starts to shun her. Leo Borlock who has a crush on her asks her to be more normal. She ends up winning the oratorical contest and only three people to the party for her.  


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