Recruiting Boot Camp!

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Day 1!

Gooooood morning ladies!

I am so excited for our Recruiting Boot Camp! This is a week long Boot Camp - don't worry, you'll have weekends off - that is going to show you how to grow your team and start working towards leadership!

So here's the deal about this Recruiting Boot Camp - You need to be honest. You need to be honest with yourself and you need to be honest with ME. Easy enough, right?

So let me first start off by telling you why I LOVE leadership!

  • All of YOU! Most of you I would not know if it wasn't Thirty-One and I love that Thirty-One has brought you into my life! I LOVE what I'm able to help you do through your businesses!
  • Overrides - Starting at the Senior Consultant level you start earning overrides off of your team members sales. Which means you get paid even when you're not partying! A good part of my paycheck comes from YOU ladies!
  • Extra Incentives - As Directors we are sometimes offered extra incentives such as products, business supplies and...
  • FREE Vacations! I'm working towards earning a FREE VACATION for both my husband and myself to the Dominican Republic. Yep, 100% FREE!
  • More Home Office Support - Don't get me wrong, Home Office is amazing to EVERY consultant, but once you promote to Director you get even more support from Home Office and you start building relationships with some Home Office Staff.

Ok... are you getting EXCITED YET? I hope so! Let's move on to Today's Homework. Yep, there's homework.. Don't worry. You will thank me later!

  • Get a brand new notebook - it doesn't have to be fancy! Right now you can get one for less than a $1 from the Back to School Sales. This is going to be your Opportunity Notebook!
  • On the very first page write a list of things that you LOVE about Thirty-One. Write whatever comes to your mind, as many things that you can think of, but make sure that you're be 100% honest with yourself! This is going to help remind you of what you have to offer to other women through the Thirty-One opportunity! Make sense?
  • On the next page, make a list of your Hostesses and Best Customers that you would LOVE to have on your team. They don't have to be people who have expressed interest in joining already - just ladies that you had a BLAST working with for their parties and that love our products! Think about the hostesses who were really involved with getting their friends excited before hand, those that collected a lot of outside orders before the party, or those that had enough product in their home already that you probably didn't even need to bring your own products (don't we all just LOVE those hostesses!?!)

  • Reply to this email and let me know the following:
    • Two of the things that you wrote on the first page!
    • How many names you wrote on your second page (You do not need to tell me their names, but you can if you'd like!)

Check your email tomorrow morning for Day 2!

I believe in YOU!

Your Director - Sara Harrod

I am here to help support you on your journey, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got any questions! You can reach me via call/text, email, or FB!