Man's Best Friend Award!

By Jamie, Taylor, Mallory, and Makayla

The Labrador Retriever!!!

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris

Congrats to the Labrador Retriever!

This trusty dog breed wins the award for Man's Best Friend for many reasons. First things first, labs are loyal and trusting. They were the one of the first domesticated animals, and are very smart. You can train them well, so they are perfect for hunting or as guide dogs. They are great with kids, which makes them awesome for a family!

What group do they belong to?

These are in the phylum chordate!

Where do they live?

Labs live with people in their homes, or backyards, or their apartments. They are pretty flexible and can live everywhere! However, keep your labs out of the extreme heat and cold.

The habitat is best in non-extreme environments, like here in good ole Kansas. They originated from England. Although we love the companionship, they don't need human care to survive. Most of them do just live with us!

What do they eat?

This is going to come as a big shock, but dogs eat dog food! They also can eat things like meat or noodles or they enjoy some good peanut butter every so often. Use caution with things like that because if you feed them too much, they'll get fat and unhealthy. Just like people. Which I suppose, is why they are our best friends.

Also, don't feed your labs chocolate as they'll get really sick!