Boston Mountains

Sedimentary Plateau

About the Mountain

The Boston Mountains are a series of plateaus, making it a mountain chain. Plateau mountains form from geologic forces, such as magma, uplift blocks of lithosphere then are later eroded away. This mountain has been eroded away, and also locks folding, faulting, and present volcanic activity formed after the uplift.

The Future for the Mountain

The uplifts have been eroded by creeks and rivers to develop steep relief not immediately distinguishable from mountains, meaning the mountains will continue to get smaller. This is done by geologic forces that lift them up and the buoyancy of the mountain.

Interesting Facts

The area is underlain by Pennsylvanian sandstone, shale, and siltstone, where some folding and faulting has occurred. The sandstone layers become thinner, but more shaly in the west as the mountains decline in elevation. The mountains are also split into two different areas, the upper and lower regions.