The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Damien Collison


The text structure the author uses defines Walter Mitty as a victim, timid, and a pushover,

Claim 1

First, the parking attendant made Walter a victim by bullying him. The parking attendant showed off by showing his impressive driving skills to make Walter feel bad. To add on, the man was rude to Walter.
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Claim 2

Second, Mrs.Mitty also known as his wife pushes Mitty around and treats him with no respect. His wife is always telling him what to do. When Walter was doing fifty-five miles per hour, she yelled at him for going faster than she likes going. To add on, Walter never tells her to leave him alone. He does everything she says, and he does everything for her, yet she still gets mad at him. To give an example, she yelled for him to get over shoes and to wear gloves and when he got this shoes, she yelled at him for not wearing them immediately.
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Claim 3

Walter acts timid toward his wife. For example, when he is "driving to fast" as she yells at him, he does not say a word back. He does not stand up for himself. Lastly, when she has to look for him at the hotel, she yells at him. Walter does not say one mean thing to her when she yells at him.
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In conclusion, Walter Mitty is timid, pushover, and a victim as shown by the examples above.