The Old Man and The Sea

Mick-Earl Gachette (Ernest Hemingway)


Santiago is a Cuban fisherman that has very bad luck when it comes to catching things in the sea world. Throughout his life, Santiago tries continuously and fails horribly. Santiago fights against the marlin after a struggle of three days. This gave Santiago the best challenge he has accomplished. Santiago then loses the marlin and the marlin goes with great achievement.


Santiago- Old man that goes fishing in search for fish.

Manolin- A boy that would go fishing with Santiago but parents forced him to go on a different boat to the cause of Santiago's bad luck.

Joe DiMaggio-Santiago's model for strength and commitment.

Perico- Owns the bodega in Santiago's village (Reports the Baseball Scores)

Martin- A cafe owner in Santiago's village (Manolin goes to Martin for Santiago's supper)

The Old Man And The Sea - Spencer Tracy - 1958


  1. What was the relation of the fish and Santiago ?
  2. Why does Santiago dream about the marlin fish ?
  3. Why does Santiago kill the Fish ?


I would recommend this book to people who love fishing, senior citizens, and more who love Ernest Hemingway.

I thought it was a very good book and it makes me want to go on a boat and go fishing !!!

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