Misha and Anne

Similarities and Differences


Misha and Anne are both Jewish children living during the Holocaust under the Nazis. They are also kindhearted and want to try to help the people they care about. At first they are both oblivious to what is going on around them but finally understand what it means to be Jew during Nazi occupation.


Anne is in Amsterdam having to hide from the Nazis while Misha is in Warsaw having to live with and avoid the Nazis. Also, Anne and her family rely on Miep to bring them food, but Misha has to steal food for himself and the people he cares about. Oh and Anne Frank was a real person and Misha is made up.

Peter's Accident

In the Diary of Anne Frank, the families hear someone downstairs and they immediately stop talking. They begin to turn off the lamps but when Peter reaches up to turn off a lamp, he accidentally knocks down the lampshade causing a very loud crash. When the Nazis found the Franks and Van Daans, it was because they caught the thief that was in the warehouse and he told them about the noise he heard and the people in the attic. If Peter hadn't knocked down the lampshade, they may have stayed hidden till the end of the war and survived the Holocaust.