Nancy E. Ward

A 68 mother,grandmother, wife and more


Born in September 25,1948 with 4 siblings and her being number 5, and being born in Midland Texas, my grandmother was no person to mess around she was a person whi likes to be obedient to her parents and to those who were around her.She liked to stay away from trouble makers to keep her A and B honor roll. Growing up she learned to love the things the loves now like Roses,The Gladiators (movie) the color Lavender, and either a poodle or our presidents dog a Portuguese Water Dog. My Grandmother loved to play all sports but Basketball was her ultimate favorite after school and weekend thing to do.

What she learned


My grandmother learned how to be a grandmother, mother, and a wife. From her past she learned that there will be times where you need to grow up and also you need to be a life changer where you should be able to change the world with your words and actions this is how she learned it. When she was a child or preteen like me she was about the oldest in her family and back then girls had to do all the house work like Landry , cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Since, she was a girl/woman she had to grow up and take care she had to babysit all her 4 siblings and almost every year someone in her family would die, so she had to stay strong for her siblings. Now in 2016 she had a brother, and had her husband's brother and sister die, along with that her friend had died too. This year was rough. While you grow there will be times you would shed a tear but is alright it is all about growing up.

Desire' Merriam

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