Nearly Halfway Through 9 Weeks?

My How the Time Flies When You're Learning

And the Work Just Keeps on Coming

When the students got their second word study list yesterday, one of your children (who will remain nameless) said "another list, already!" Yes, the flow of fourth grade has truly kicked in and I have been impressed with their academic performance. For our class, word study is a two-week cycle with new words on the Monday after a quiz. The students have two weeks to complete their requirements and be ready for their quiz the following Friday. Hopefully, you saw the grading sheet and quiz in yesterday's Monday folder. Students get two grades: one for their journal work and one for the quiz. Both count as quiz grades.

We also started a travel brochure project yesterday in social studies. This is a nice way to introduce research and project/time management for the students. They will be working in the project in class and have enough time to finish their work without having to bring it home.

Electricity Letter

Yesterday, each student also got a yellow or orange letter introducing our Electricity unit that starts on Tuesday. (No school on Monday!) We jump right in on Tuesday with our experiments, so please have your students with their box of supplies ready to go one week from today. If you have trouble locating any of the items, please let me know.