May 2, 2016


  • CPR- Please stop by Sarah's office is you haven't picked up your "key". Skills check offs will be the week of May 9th.

  • Parent Conferences- Please mark your calendars for May 11 & 12 for Parent Conferences. May 12 will be our late night. As always, try to accommodate parents as needed. Please provide the front desk with a copy of your schedules so they can assist to parents as they call in.

  • TOTY & SSOTY- Come celebrate our fabulous ladies- Laura Linn and Jamie Michaelree on May 4 @ 6:00 @ Memorial Station. The district committee has put in a lot effort to make this a fabulous event for all. Let's support our girls and have a lot of our Grace family there!!

  • Sprinkle Shower- We love our 7 prego family members! Help us SPRINKLE these mommies and their baby #2's! May 13 @ 11:00-1:00- - Bring an appetizer

  • End of the Year Checkout-The checkout list and sign-up sheet will be coming out for these soon. Please make sure everything on the checkout list has been taken care of before your scheduled time with me. These should only take a few minutes, if you everything ready to go.

  • Pink and Blue Sheets- Teachers, I will be getting these to you soon. Please complete these and have them turned in to me by Friday, May 12. If you are unsure of the student's school, the front office with take care of documenting this information on the form.

  • Walk for Health- Saturday, May 7- This walk is a benefit for Cass County Dental Clinic. Last year, Grace had one of the largest teams walking! Let's do it again folks!! It's a family friendly event with many fun healthy activities, prizes and a free hot dog lunch! Sign up by selecting the link below:

  • PAT Play Group- May 17 from 10-11- The playground will be used for this event, please avoid using it during this time.


  • Thank you to Isabel, for sharing your dancing with staff and students. It is always so fun to watch you and our students have a wonderful time!

  • Thank you to the entire staff for welcoming the Clinton School District. Many of you took time to answer questions and show them the wonderful things happening in your rooms!


  • May 11 & 12 (late night) - Parent Conferences
  • May 3- Field Day (rain date May 4)
  • May 4- Teacher of the Year/Support Staff of the Year reception -6:00 Memorial Station

-Title/SPED Graduation- 5:00/6:30

  • May 5-Title /SPED Graduation -5:00/6:30
  • May 6- Grace Carnival
  • May 16 & 17-Fee Based Graduation 6:00


April 17- Elaine Broockerd

April 27- Jennifer Bass

May 1- Kelly Myers, Kari Prince

May 13- Lori Steele

May 15- Jennifer Siron

May 21- Michelle Saunders

May 30- Lori Calrk