Father Johann Adam Schall

BY: Joey, Alex, Morgan, and Olivia

Photos of Schall

Work in China (Found on Pg. 562)

  • He succeeded Matteo Ricci in China and during this time, the number of converted Chinese Christians rose to over 237,000 by 1664.
  • He issued an edict giving complete toleration of the church
  • Enhanced the number of Chinese Catholics to 800,00
  • Exposed the Chinese to Western Culture
  • He blended the Christian life in with the Chinese culture instead of forcing it upon them
  • His missionary work was made possible with the support of the current emperor

Schall and the Emperor

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China After Johann Adam Shall

  • The Catholic Church did not remain in good graces with the emperors of China for long.
  • Western nations expanded their trading empires in the East, the Chinese became wavy of Western domination, and Western Christian missionaries began to lose favor.
  • 1724 - Persecutions of Christians in China resumed and missionaries activity quickly declined.
  • By the 18th century, China's faithful numbered around 300,000, less than half the number at the beginning of the century.

How God is seen through Johann Adam Shall

  • You can see God through this missionary through the power of evangelization of the Chinese.