Newtons law of motion

BY. Alex F

1st Law

1st law states that, if an object is at rest it would stay at rest and, if an object is in motion it will stay in motion unless a acted upon a unbalanced force. which means that if you stay at rest, then you will stay at rest until you are hit by a unbalance force, so if your in a car and you got hit then your body would be hit in a inertia (a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged) and the car would be broken and the seat belt would save your life. where seat belts kids.

2nd law

the second law states, how to calculate acceleration, mass or force. F=MA is the equation to the second law. the second law is basically saying how to salve for F=MA, force= mas x acceleration.

3rd law

the third law states for every action there is a equal or opposite force. which states if you were to punch someone in the face then the opposite force would be acted upon your hand and your hand would feel the same force

how does is this used in a every day life

all the laws are, the laws will help us in a every day life with force and acceleration. when you drive a car, or ride a bike you could get in a wreck, the force of your car is acted upon is the opposite force which is making you car stop.