Alex Shumaker, Brandon Mock

Steps of Naturalization

At least 18, a lawful permanent resident of the US, good or moral character,

♣ Complete Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

♣ Get two photographs of yourself that meet immigration service requirements (pose, size, lighting, etc.).

♣ Collect the necessary documents.

♣ Send your application, documents and fee ($320 application fee/$70 biometric fee for fingerprinting as of August 2004) to the appropriate Service Center.

As part of your application, you will be fingerprinted

The next step is the big one: the interview and tests. You will:

♣ Receive an appointment for your interview.

♣ Go to your local office at the specified time.

♣ Bring identification.

♣ Answer questions about your application and your background.

♣ Take the English and civics tests.

♣ Receive a decision.

If you are successful, you can take the final step: the oath of allegiance. You will:

♣ Receive a ceremony date.

♣ Check in at the ceremony.

♣ Return your Permanent Resident Card.

♣ Answer questions about what you have been doing since your interview.

♣ Take the oath of allegiance.

Ways to lose Citizenship

Becoming a naturalized citizen of another country after age 18

Joining the military of a foreign state

Joining the government of a foreign state

Performing some act to intentionally give up citizenship

Committing treason or other acts against the U.S. government

Legal vs. Illegal Aliens

A legal alien is someone who has ant through the naturalization process to become an american citizen.

An illegal alien is someone who is not yet a part of the US who came into the country and didn't go throughout the steps of naturalization

They are the same because they both come from other countries. They differ because a legal alien has earned the right to be an american citizen.

Illegal aliens entered the US illegally where as an alien if he/she were to be detained they should be deported