Concept mapping

Seeing the big picture

What is a concept map?

Concept maps are just what it sounds like, but no, they don't help you navigate through the roads. Instead they guide you through your notes and thoughts.
  • Concept maps are a graph-like nodes to organize thoughts.
  • They generally highlight the main topics then branch off into subtopics.
  • They are labelled by hierarchy, differences, cause and effect, and etc.

Why use a concept map?

To see the big picture!

  • Concept maps are a visual way to lay out thoughts, ideas, and outcomes

How to use a concept map?


Make it interesting!

  • use different colors, lines, and other aesthetically pleasing symbols to show the relationships of topic.
  • include notes such as specific details or formulas
  • review the map to make sure everything is clear and concise. Make sure if anything isn't clear to you, you go back, review topic, and add additional detail to map.
  • Create your own concept map.
  • Be creative

...And if you want to know more (and of course you want to know more)