Should your Grade in PE count?

Why your grade in PE should count towards your GPA.

My stance

I believe that the grade you make in PE should contribute towards your GPA

What they grade you on

Many people believe that the grade you make is based on your athletic performance, but that's not the case. Majority of PE classes grade you completely on your attendance, and whether or not you dressed out. This is a fact that many people over look and instead believe that they grade you on performance. That makes people believe that the natural born athletes will have a better chance of acing the class, but that's false. So, that means that you earn an easy A just by showing up.
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Encourage a healthy lifestyle

The students who care about there grades will soon realize what they need to do in order to pass that class, therefore they will start participating and start showing up. This will encourage a healthy lifestyle which can help an overwhelming problem in youth today, which is obesity. If PE starts counting towards your GPA it could potentially help end obesity.
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It should count just as much as your other classes

Some students take there classes very seriously, and not counting one of the classes they give 100% to, is completely unfair to that student. PE is a class, not a free period, Therefore it should count just as much as your other six classes. If a class doesn't contribute towards your GPA why are we required to it anyway?
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In conclusion

PE takes up a period of your day just like any of your other classes, and it should count just as much as the others as well. This can encourage a more healthy lifestyle in students, and could potentially create a love for being healthy in the students mind. In the end, making PE contribute towards your GPA would be an improvement to our school districts.


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