Jeff Corwin

Jackie Poole 3/18/16

He was born on July 11th, 1967 in Norwell, Massachusetts. He received a masters degree in Wildlife Conservation, after that he went on and became a television host and producer and cable nature shows like, The Jeff Corwin Experience, and Corwins Quest, both on Animal Planet.
Corwin helped establish the Emerald Canopy Rainforest Foundation after visiting Belize for the first time in 1984. He continues to lecture on wildlife, ecology, and conservation across the United States. Corwin is actively involved in the recovery effort to save the wildlife and affected habitats from the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Also on March 22nd 2007 while filming in Cambodia , Corwin was attacked by an angry elephant he walked away from that terrifying attack with just few injuries to his arm.
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In 1999, Bridgewater State College honored Corwin with a doctorate in public education for his work by telling people across the United States about the need for an easy and friendly approach to using natural resources and how important it is to conserve endangered species. He always believed that its very important for our planet to be conserved for future generations. He wishes instead of throwing trash away, to save it for the end of the day and look at what is left and created. When he was young he always wanted to travel the world to help the wildlife. And so he did in many of his episodes on TV he gets upclose with many different animals, his experience in helping the wildlife has inspired many for people to go out and join organizations to help the endangered or animals that have been affected by oil spills, or forest fires, etc...
Corwin has always been interested in helping the Wildlife ever since he was a kid. It was his fantasy to travel around the world to help the wildlife and the environment they live in. His Dad was a police officer and worked 80+ hours a week and still made time to take him out to explore nature. It was always his dream to travel around the world and explore places and help endangered species and the wildlife. Reading about him inspires me to start helping the environment cause seeing how the animals can be effected bad by it is horrible, and how hurt they can be by it. Corwin is a true inspiration in my eyes. His work has affected so many (not in a bad way). But him traveling across the United States telling his stories of how he helps the wildlife and when big disasters happened and stuff he did to help fix it made people realize how animals shouldn't deserve to live in bad environments. He enforces people to join organizations to help the animals so they have better homes and help save the endangered species. I loved reading about his work and all that he is done i hope this presentation influences you all to help our environment cause animals shouldn't have to suffer and live bad they deserve the same respect. Thank you for listening.