Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators Book Study

Online Book Study to Help You Remember Your "WHY"

(This will count for 1 Trade Out Day in 2019)

*Remember that you will need to bring your journal/folder to your summative conference as evidence in order to receive credit for the Trade Out Day. Keep notes/activities in your journal.


Individual and collective celebration, as well as the practice of gratitude, is the capstone to the habits in this book. Even during hard moments, if we can shift into a stance of appreciation, we'll build our resilience. Appreciation cultivates our trust in ourselves, in a process, and perhaps in something greater, which helps us respond to the inevitable challenges in life.


Endings are times for celebration and appreciation, which lay the foundation for resilience in the days ahead.
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One Little Thought: My Life is Very Blessed

In his book Awakening Joy, James Baraz offers a simple exercise to help us increase our gratitude. He suggests that each time we find ourselves worrying or complaining, we add this phrase to the end of the thought: and my life is really blessed. Try this today when you find yourself feeling frustrated, annoyed, or challenged, and see what happens.
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Tips for Gratitude Journals

  • Be specific.
  • Go for depth over breadth. Elaborate about something you're grateful for - describe it in detail.
  • Think about people. Describe the people you are grateful for more than the things.
  • Reflect on what your life would be like without certain people or things.
  • Be grateful for what you have avoided, prevented, escaped, or turned into something positive; try not to take good fortune for granted.
  • Be sure to capture positive events that were unexpected or surprising. these elicit higher levels of gratitude.
  • Write about the same people and things over and over if you want, but each time you write about them, describe a different aspect in detail.
  • Avoid snarkiness.
  • Write regularly.