CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Below is some amazing Art work completed by our extremely talented Year 11 Art students. We are so very proud of these talented young people.

Top Lesson Stars

Students receive lesson stars where a teacher feels a student has made an excellent contribution in their lesson. Some students receive multiple lesson stars across the week, below are the students who have received the most stars for each year group this week:

Year 7:

Dougan 7TA, Ugne 7TA, Mason C 7TE and Reva 7CO.

Miss Buffini would also like to say well done to William C, Amelia F, Mark H, Orla, Reva, Dougan and Blanka for their hard work and contribtions.

Year 8:

Chijioke 8ST, Dylan C 8ST, Ainars 8ST, Roman 8CA and Chanel 8ST.

Year 9:

Cameron 9CA, Chanel 9ST and Emma 9TE.

Year 10:

Thomas 10CO, Anya 10TE, Ryan 10TE, Denisa 10TA and Andrew 10CO.

Year 11:

Katy 11Ca and Lacy 11CA.

Year 12:

Hallie and Oliver 12A.

Subject Highlights:


PE Students of the Week are:

Nicole 7CO, Patrikas 8TE, Isaac 9TA, Jack B 10CO and Lily 11CA.

Sport Science students Klaudia 10TE and Summer 11CA and Sport and Physical activity student Macauley 12A.


Year 7: Miss Jenkins would like to celebrate Mauricio and Anthony (7CU) who both recorded their chord sequences effectively into Garageband, and used the edit function to perfect them. Excellent progress!

Year 8: Well done to Chloe, Shae and Matthew (8ST) for their fantastic contributions in this week’s lesson, whilst working from home. We were especially impressed with Matthew who had written out his rhythms using western notation. Great work!

Year 9: Miss Patrick would like to nominate the whole of 9CA for making excellent progress in their music lesson this week. The whole class performance of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand by Me’ was especially impressive. Bravo!


Miss Graziano has nominated Ole and Kevin (7TE) for their hard work in Spanish this week.


Mrs Brown has made the following nominations this week:

Roman G and Szymon S in Year 8 for excellent class discussion work and great notes on the Great Gender Debate, Year 9 students Olivia W, Danils P and Kia S for excellent class notes in our work on The Crucible. In Year 11 Brady, Klaudia, Sam, Carmen for fantastic work on Romeo and Juliet with great contribution to the class discussion from Sunny and Sonny and finally, Year 10 students Josie and Beth for excellent English language work and good discussions from Ryan C.

Mrs Rice has nominated Year 8 (A1) students Stan, Maya, Ava, Noah, Bianca, Linards, Miranda, Alfie, Ben, Evan, Patrikas, Aadi, Isla, Freddie and Olivia for wonderful work on their speeches and articles in English.

Miss Lodge has nominated 10AP1 English for making a great start performing their speeches this week. Special mentions to Anya, Saul and Cameron for performing first and thanks to the rest of the class for being so supportive and respectful of each other.

Miss Magnay has nominated her Year 9 English group for their excellent focus whilst writing about power dynamics in the Crucible, and Year 7 students Dougan, Hermione, Kristof and Aleksandra (7TA) for their hard work and contributions to our lessons looking at dystopian fiction.


Miss Gilbert has nominated Ava (8TE) for always contributing to the lesson and producing high quality work and Alfie who is always willing to read out loud to class and answering comprehensions questions independently. Alfie S (9CO) who is always willing to contribute to lessons by reading aloud and offering new ideas and suggestions to the class discussion and Chanel (9ST) for always asking high level questions and offering answers throughout the lesson. Year 10 student Tearlach has been nominated for completing all his work independently to a high level including crucial exam questions and a special mention to Year 10 student James who has also produced a high level work throughout the whole year.


Miss Tooms has nominated Dylan in 8ST for his consistent excellent work in Science over the past week.

Miss Kritzinger has nominated Year 8 students for great learning in Science:

Max B, Rene and Weronika. Also nominated is Antoni, Year 8 for excellent work in Science.

Mr Cox would like to say well done to 11AP1 Science for their hard work in class for preparing for their biology assessment over the last two weeks.

Assembly Music:

Please see the link below for the assembly music, which this week had a theme of ‘Ramadan’.



  • Please ensure all students have face masks for use at school.