Dear Workers

To Know God and Make Him Known

It's Practicum Time!


You are receiving this email because you have agreed to be a part of our academic camps at this year's Parent Practicum. Please click on this link and fill out this application. Include at least 3 of those people who know you will be perfect for the task at hand! Submit your completed application to the person sending you this email. Please email me back at when this is completed and mail me a paper copy to 413 NW 121st St, OKC, OK 73114. If a paper copy is not mailed prior to the start of practicum, you will be required to provide a paper copy at the information meeting the day before practicum starts. (The application says "volunteers" in the title, but it is the application for paid workers as well.)

LEGAL NAME and ADDRESS for checks and background checks (all workers)
In order to work with children, we will need to run a background check on you. Please fill out the type form in your email using your legal name and address (not your nickname). The name and address on the background check must match the name and address on the application exactly. If under 18, this must be done by a parent/guardian.

W9 FORMS (for 18 and above)
Also, in order to pay you, you need to fill out a W9 form. There should be a link at the end of your application to complete a W9. You do not need to fill it out twice. If for some reason you were not prompted to fill one out, please follow the below link. Click on this link, fill out the form and hit enter. It will send you a confirmation email. You must complete this last step in order to complete the process.


YOUTH VOLUNTEERS: Please read and sign the following forms:

We will be meeting at a location which is home to one of our communities. This community strives to honor the church building and staff. Let us show our gratitude to the church for the use of its facility by being respectful. Please help keep the building clean, do not allow children to run in the hallways, and be polite and thankful to any church members you see. It is imperative that you watch the children at all times!

We have asked all students to bring TWO snacks. One for the midmorning and one for the afternoon. Due to food needs and allergies, we will not be providing snacks. However, some will forget. In that case- each camp will have a few extra goldfish to share with a kid in need. You might want to bring a snack too! :)
We will have a "break room" for you and all the staff. This will be stocked with a few treats.

You have two options for lunch time. You can bring your own sack lunch or you can get take out. There are a few fast food restaurants nearby. Please do not order food for delivery. It is not safe to have strangers on campus wandering around looking for you. If we see a food delivery, we will ask them to leave. If you have a lunch emergency, please find your hostess. She will be happy to help you.

The camp you are leading is noted in the body of the email that this note was attached to. The trainings are also included in that email. Make sure you are attending all of the online webinars for your training.

PLEASE be diligent and look over everything carefully AHEAD of time. This way we are not scrambling on Day 1. Please let the coordinator know anything you may need.

Each camp will have a tub full of items and supplies. By the end of Day 3, load everything remaining back in the tubs and stack by the main entrance.

You will receive a camp list during orientation. There will be a sign in for each camp. Please be sure parents initial in and out their student.


You are expected to attend orientation. If you cannot for some reason, please let your PC know and set up a time to meet with her individually so she can confirm that you are complete and ready to go!

Please be praying over this Practicum. Pray for health and safety over our leaders and families. Pray for abundant peace over our camps. Please pray for grace and endurance for all of our leaders.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call.

With great anticipation,

Brianna Lovelace