Best Gum Removal Equipment

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Why your Industry Needs Gum Removal Equipment

There are over a million gum chewers in America, if not more. Now imagine the total number of school aged chidren and teenagers in the public school systems that chew gum daily. Where does it go when their asked to remove it? Under the bleachers, desks, walls, in the bathroom stalls, even on shoes, the floors, and stairs...but when this happens over and over again, daily, who gets stuck cleaning removing all that chewing gum? Or better yet, what type of equipment and what industry should invest in gum removal equipment?

Types of Gum Residue

When ant trails begin to surface, you have to know that the trail their treking is for the gum. It must be some fresh chewing gum. Most of all, not all the gum will be eaten or carried off to another place. It's best to tackle and remove it immediately before it hardens. In fact, most industries that need gum removal equipment are not aware of that it can pose a problem until it's too late. All those places where it ends up, gum can be a sticky situation for various industries to clean up if they don't have the right tools and equipment.

Where Would People Put Their Gum Once They are Finished With It?

In public places, where would the public throw their gum? Spitting it out is a common answer. Yet, there are several types of industries which have their own maintenance crews to handle the cleanup. Some corporate companies' maintenance crews do their own repairs or replacements as part of their job. One of the toughest maintenance jobs for cleaning crews is clearing the furniture, appliances, floors, doors, walls and halls,...from stains, spots, a foul smell from old food particles but, most of all from GUM residue.

In fact, have you ever noticed how clean some public places are? It is in fact, truly clean; like spic-and-span clean and clean environments make happy employees. A fun and safe place to be around, as it would seem, even if it is your work environment like the one described. However, to work in a place without any dirt or residue of any kind is unheard of. And even if it looked clean, it isn't always cleared of its remains; hidden or not, gum residue is stubborn to come off. Yet, the cleaning crew with the right equipment and tools plus the right methods of such tasks.

First of all, where and what material is the gum on and is it hard or still looking like a fresh piece of chewing gum? Gum can be found in the most hard to see places. Such places are underneath the desks, on the floor, under cafeteria tables, behind steps and underneath bleachers and stadium chairs.

Along with where, who are the industries that need these: the school systems, the hospitals, the offices of various businesses, corporate building, mall outlets...for certain. These are the industries that should invest in a gum removal equipment.

When removing gum; many people will use two types of solutions

Removing gum is not rocket science; or is it? Whether you work in a school, doctor's office, construction site, auto dealership...there's got to be some sort of "gummy residue" laying around. And the only way to remove it for good is by vaporizing it with steam and sanitize it, bottom line.

Damier Industries pressure washing machine

How does it get there is normally from people spitting it out onto the floor or it came off one's shoe. Whatever the case, it's ruining your floors, walls, desks, chairs,...and without having to use two solutions which are generally normal to use, multiple times, using pressure washer machines is a safe bet without ruining the material or surface the gum is on.

Various industries whom invest in gum removal equipment are doing so because they want to save their business from getting their floors and furniture ruined, for instance. Places that have multiple places that chewing gum can normally found are on or around furniture, asphalt, concrete, or walls. Beside it doesn't look good for a business and it can only cause more damage to the property.

One of the Favorites of All Gum Removal Types of Equipment

Daimer Industries sells some of the best industrial gum removal equipment online. They have several styles and types of gum removal vacuums and steam pressure washer machines for sale online. These are normally for high traffic areas in public places, yet are needed for those areas that you'll least likely think of looking that can still get ruined. These specific steam cleaning machines effectively lifts off dried gum or fresh, wet, gooey gum from asphalt and any type of hard surface.

Why? Because when kids are asked, "Are you chewing gum?" Normally, they would reply with a quick "no." Or they could easily shake their head and then swallow it or spit it out. They can also put it somewhere that is closest to them or at arms-reach. But, kids aren't the only ones who contribute to the "sticky gooey residue" of the infamous gum dilemna. It can grow into a problem with it being stuck for a good period of time. Especially where people continue to walk; such as in a car garage's concrete floors. Nevertheless, the timing of the removal is important. In the long run, you'll be saving thousands in just unnecessary touch-ups or repairs. Also, repairs or replacements can cost in the thousands; which will be salvaged with a gum removal vacuum. These dollar numbers can add up in the course of a long run. Remember: There are millions of gum fanatics everywhere. This is why you'll normally find them in vending machines in break rooms world-wide.

INDUSTRIES; The Smart Maintenance Crews Use

Some other industries which should think about investing in a gum removal machine are arenas, stadiums, mall outlets, restaurants, an amusement park or movie theatre. Eliminating the gum will eliminate the repair bills that coincide with repairs and replacements. Most places that you can find the sticky globs of gum are in the cracks of walls, the bricks of buildings, the pavement, on the trees at the parks, carpets in retail stores, carpets in cars or trucksm, the tiles on the floors or the pavement of entrances to public places,...but the list can go on.

It's the daily foot trails that can trek dirty sneakers and boots. It then travels to other places by way of it being stuck on shoes. Hence, they go to the outside sidewalk, or driveway, and then on the car's floor. But with the gum removal equipment, the remaining residues are vacuumed up instantly; it actually goes into the stainless steel chambers of the removal equipment.

How do these Gum Removal Machines Work?

The joint contribution of cleaning detergent and steam dissolves the gum residue which then can be vacuumed much easier with Damier's steam gum removal machines.

Amazing Gum Removal Steam Pressure Washers; Don't Get Stuck On 'Em

Here are a Few Gum Removal Machines sold by Daimer Industries

The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Mega 1000CVG, one of the strongest and more powerful vacuum gum remover machines with the abilities to clear up and dissolve --what used to be regular or flavored chewing gum--now rock, solid hard and stuck on the foundation, ceramic tiles, pavement, or garages, kitchen floors, bathroom floors, the offices' carpets,...and it all got there by people treking it in and they probably picked it up somewhere from a floor; various floors.

With these gum removal steam pressure washer machines, the steamer vacuum has a single 110 volt (power) cord which does have a lifetime warranty. The steel boiler is 4 liters and made out of stainless steel which can hold up to 3 liters of water in its chamber. Enough to clean out the toughest and with its durability and performance, the Mega 1000CVG pressure level comes out shooting 105 PSI. The great advantage of the Mega 1000CVG is the continuous refill feature that keeps you from stopping the task of cleaning the nasty gum that can ruin even the worst concrete floors, bleachers, furniture,... And with the durability, the Daimer®’s water steam temperature capabilities in this particular machine can reach 356°F. Additionally, it comes with a unique chewing gum cleaning kit which is helpful and convenient.

Also, the Super Max 7000 is a commercial / industrial grad steam pressure washer. The 7000 is a powerful, wet steam pressure washer which forcefully removes chewing gum without brushes, scrubbing or chemicals. The pressure level is about 1000 PSI and its flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute. Also, it's voltage is measured at 110V-120V, single phase, and 60 hertz.

Another great one that is a superb is the KleenJet Supreme 3000CVG. It's a commercial grade machine with the Supreme 3000CVG, next to the 5000CVG, is the second most powerful 110 volt steam vacuum cleaning system in the world. The machine offers superior cleaning capability because it offers higher steam temperatures as great as 364°F. The unit comes with a 5 liter stainless steel boiler which has a lifetime warranty and a 4 liter water chamber. The Supreme 3000CVG offers a pressure level of up to 115 PSI plus it features Daimer®’s exclusive Non-Stop Steam™ technology for higher productivity.

And yet another is the KleenJet Supreme 3000CVG. This one is also a commercial / industrial grade. The Ultra 5000CVG is the most powerful 110 volt steam cleaning vacuum machine in the industry and is designed to offer power-enriched vapors steamed out for powerful cleaning action. The machine offers steam temperatures as much as 369°F for versatile cleaning applications and enhanced cleaning results. The Ultra 5000CVG comes equipped with a lifetime warranty, 5 liter, stainless steel boiler. The pressure levels offered by the system can reach up to 125 PSI. Also, the robust machine comes with Daimer®’s Non-Stop Steam™ which ensures high pressure vapor flow. Throughout the operation, there's continuous refills.

Various Vacuum; Steam Cleaning Machines on Sale

Vacuum and gum removal cleaning pressure wash with steam capable of reaching high PSIs. Clearing up the mess and only a number of times a month. Cleaning gum residue with the best gum removal equipment for sale online couldn't get any easier.