Tis the Season!!!

The holidays are right around the corner!

Ha-Ha-Happy Days are here!

Our beautiful lockets are an amazing and personalized way to show love over the holidays. Each piece is hand painted and crafted with care. Start by picking charms that tell your story, or that of a loved one. Then choose from our beautiful selection of lockets. Pick a chain or a bracelet that goes perfect with your design. To finish it off, add a plate, a tag, or some added 'bling' of a dangle or two. All of our pieces are interchangeable and can go with any style. We tell our story with jewelry, now you can also!

  • Sunday, December 15 - Last day to order using standard shipping
  • Wednesday, December 18 - Last day to order using 2-day shipping
  • Thursday, December 19 - Last day to order using overnight shipping

Contact me to order or set up a party!

Let's schedule a party!! Week nights, week days, weekends, any time! I'll be in Jacksonville November. 15-17, Palatka November 21-24 (already have a Black Friday party), back in middle GA until December 13. Let's schedule your Girls Night Out or a Mimosas and Muffins party!! Look at the shipping schedule and see when is best for you!