Burma Information

By: Max Cormier and Myles Ochieng

Myanmar was good, but it's getting better.

Myanmar's flag used to be red and blue with white on it, but now it's yellow, green, and red with a big yellow star in the middle. Myanmar's population is 48,018,302 people! (wow that's a lot.) The capital city is Yangon/ Rangoon.

These are some pictures of Myanmar

Symbols, Grown products, Languages, and Beliefs

The main symbol of Myanmar is the star. In Myanmar, rice and wheat are grown daily. The most spoken language in Myanmar is Burmese and most people are buddhist.

More Facts!

Did you know that Myanmar is 261,228 square miles? Myanmar's currency (money) is kyat. Myanmar is bordered by many countries. Here are it's bordering countries, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, China, and Laos.

Did you know...

Myanmar was formed in 900 bc! And, the Burmese people mainly eat rice and meat. A very popular sport in Myanmar, (actually it's the most popular!) Is soccer/ football.

A couple more facts for you,

The highest point in Myanmar, towering over the world is... Mt. Hkakabo Razi! If you want a nice place to stay go to Myanmar! Buy your tickets to Myanmar now!