Ulysses S Grant

President, Leader, and Lt. General of the Union

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Civil War

During the Civil War, Grant did not start out in charge, but worked his way up gallantly through hard work and dedication. He won battle after battle defeating the Confederate armies, and after the victory of Fort Donelson, he was asked for terms of the surrender. He replied " No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. This means that he did not give them any kind of agreement, but told them that they would have to continue the battle (to their ultimate defeat) or give up unconditionally. He eventually worked his way up to the top becoming Lt. General of the Union army.
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As president of the united states, he was very strong. Although it was not passed by him, he greatly urged the passage of the 15th amendment allowing black men to vote. When you look at what he did for our country as a whole, he is an amazing individual. Grant never stopped working throughout his life, and lead America to a better place.


Grant was a humble man, as well as a leader. He was also very reserved and only said what needed to be said. This did not stop him from being effective in battle, in fact it helped him inspire his troops. After everything Grant gave for this country, he still died hard at age 63, but never once gave up.

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