BHSD Special Services Weekly

Creating a culture of care ~ week of September 19, 2016 ~


This past week was a wonderful week for our SPED staff.

Our meetings are up and running and you guys have begun servicing your students and gotten to see our amazing students. As I've been going through classes this past week and this upcoming week, it has been great to see many of you in your element and working with our students.

I received a few different comments from parents regarding your work and I am so beyond proud of our team.

"Student is doing so well. We never thought he would have a this positive of experience and we are grateful for all of the support and time the teacher has spent working with him. Thank you for giving us and him this chance."

Huge thank you to our staff for supporting our students through some challenging behaviors this past week. You guys did a great job of communicating with one another and backing each other up :).

Starfish Awards!

This year, I would like to celebrate you! How you may be wondering?!?!

Through Big Hollow Starfish Awards!

Starfish Awards will be shared with staff when they are going above and beyond and making a difference for that "one" student. We all have many students and you all do a fantastic job on a regular basis of meeting their needs. I wanted the opportunity to recognize your dedication to each of your students.

Week in Preview

Monday 9/19


8:00 Meet with nurses

8:30 Meet with building principals

9:00 Interview

2:30 Middle RTI meeting

4:00 Interview

Tuesday 9/20

Primary Meeting Day

8:00 Annual

9:00 Annual

10:00 Medicaid Meeting

11:00 Annual

12:00 Annual

1:00 Annual

2:00 Domain

Wednesday 9/21

7:10 Domain

8:00 ELM PST

8:30 ECAT

Thursday 9/22


8:30 Annual

9:30 Annual

10:30 Move- In

Friday 9/23


7:00 Middle School Sped Team

8:00 Conference Call