Tide pools

By: Gracia Mbombo

Tipe pools

The Average density is 32 F and the Average salinity is 15c

The sun and wind evaporate water from the surface of pools. Range 34 to 35 f.

Temperatures of Tide Pools

normal temperature: 62 degrees

Average density: 1020 to 1029 kg

Average Pressure: 14.5-14.7 PSI

Average Salinity: 35psu

How to protect tide pools

1. organisms should only be picked up if this may be accomplished easily.

2. Animals such as lobsters or sea urchins, that are protecting themselves in crevices or under rocks should not be pulled free or picked up.

3. watch where you step


The oceans' shores are constantly in motion. They are a mixture of both land and sea and never the same from one moment to the next. The boundary between land and sea constantly changes with the tide's rhythmic rise and fall.

Things You Want To know/bring

1.Bring a book

2. Wear study shoes or bots

3.Return Animals Exactly where you found them.

4. Bring a bag.

5. Leave no rock overturned.

Locations Of Tide Pools

Tide pools are often located along the Chester-man Beach: Tofino, British Columbia.

The tide here retreats to reveal seemingly endless pools and puddles in the worn granate, which play home to mussels, barnacles, chitons, sea slugs, hermit crabs, minnows, and a host of other marine creatures.