Reading Stations

Week of January 4th-8th

Station 1: EOQ Review with Ms. J

Bring a pencil to review for the EOQ with Ms. J. You will need this passage:

America Needs a Nap

For minilesson: Plainly Predatory

Station 2: World's Worst Weather with Ms. Hartmann

Go to Ms. Hartmann with a pencil to review using the passage World's Worst Weather.

(Questions can be found in WHITE DRAWER #3.)

Station 3: Take CFAs

Go to Bubble Sheet and take the following CFAs for me to see where you are with our skills for this quarter!

1. 586440

2. 454513

3. 621067

4. 577780

Station 4: iReady Reading

Take this time to do iReady Reading. Please be on task the entire time! I'll be able to check on iReady to make sure!

Station 5: EOQ Review

Go to WHITE DRAWER #4 and get the EOQ review passage packet. Use all of your strategies, including highlighters to complete this packet. I will take a grade on it on Friday.

Station 6: CFAs Continued

Continue working on the CFAs to finish them. Here are the codes for Bubble Sheet:

1. 586440

2. 454513

3. 621067

4. 577780

Grades Taken Friday:

  • Overall grade on CFAs.
  • EOQ Review Packet

Early Finishers:

  • Any Unfinished Work
  • CFAs
  • iReady Reading
  • Read to Self