The Life of a Second Grader

Mrs. Schermerhorn's 2nd grade class at BSE


Last week, we worked on using teamwork through different games and activities. We created an anchor chart that reminds us what teamwork looks like and sounds like. This is a picture of one team creating a figure I had showed them. The leader was the only one who saw the figure and they had to get their team to make the figure without talking.

Tower Building

This team was using teamwork as they create a tower or structure out of playing cards that would lift a beanie baby off the ground.

Rock, Paper, Math!

Students learned a new math game this week! Rock, Paper, Math is a quick and easy game to play to review math facts! Ask your child to teach you how to play! This is a great game to play at home or with another sibling. :).

Beat the Calculator!

Another game students played this week was Beat the Calculator! Students play in groups of 3 and try to come up with the answer to a math fact or problem before the calculator gets the correct answer. This is another fun way to practice our facts (addition, subtraction, and even multiplication and division in the future!).

A Visit From Miss Freiji

Miss Freiji visited the class on Friday afternoon and share the certificates for the polar bears the class adopted this fall!

Our First Week Together

We had a great first week getting to know each other, practicing procedures in the classroom, and using teamwork! Thank you to Mrs. Tully and Mrs. Merrian for helping me with the students' notebooks and the class library!