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Eli Whitney Invents "Interchangeable Parts"

Whats Happening Today

Today, in 1798, Eli Whitney wanted to create easier ways to make things for everyday use for people. So, he came up with the idea of interchangeable parts, which are parts of a machine that are identical. Eli Whitney came up with interchangeable parts because he was persuaded that he could make a change in today's world, and he was adapted to the business of doing so. Interchangeable parts led up to mass production, which is the efficient production of large numbers of identical goods. That means mass production can efficiently make a large number of the same thing. Recently, Whitney presented interchangeable parts in front of President John Adams. He assembled 10 guns, picking up random pieces and putting them together. The audience was amazed, as I am too, and he repeated the process several times proving interchangeable parts is efficient and works well.


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