CGC1D0 Changing Populations

Mission of this flyer:

This flyer will be exploring the demography of Canada and how it changes over time, the birth/death rates will also be discussed and as well as numerous other subjects that relate to the overall population of our country, and Germany.

A look at Canada's immigration: 2015 vs. 2065

Canada is known for many things, its maple syrup, its harsh winters and its immigration policy. Without a fact Canada has the best immigration services in the world. As a result, some believe Canada's average per year immigration intake is a little too high, but that's not stopping the immigrants from rolling on through. As of 2015, India, the Philippians, and China make up the majority of Canada's immigrants, with as much as 250,000 coming in yearly. In 2065 however, the majority of immigrants will still come from southern- Asia, but with the addition of Pakistan. Immigration from China is surely to diminish, much like it's annual population growth. Many countries with rapidly growing population are expected to keep their emigration rates high.
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A look at Canada's demography: 2015 vs. 2065

Canada's population is projected to grow steadily over the next 45 years, successful immigration is likely the cause, coupled with Canada's low death rates. From 2015 to 2065 Canada's population will grow from 35,871,000 to 47,113,000, that is an 11 million increase in population! Canada also has a growing old age population, these people are likely to strain the economy even more than today. A large portion of tomorrow's population will be seniors.

A look at Canada's and Germany's push/pull factors: CURRENT

Current Canadian Pull Factors

  • Job opportunities and the opportunity to succeed
  • Free health care and education
  • Steady economy and peaceful environment
  • Diversity
  • Low crime rate

Current Canadian Push Factors

  • Property is not very affordable
  • Weather can go from very warm, to very cold. Harsh winters
  • Taxes can be expensive

Current German Pull Factors

  • Safety
  • Freedom
  • Improvement in the standard of living
  • Higher wages
  • Quality of education

Current German Push Factors

  • Persecution
  • Natural disasters
  • Poverty and unemployment

Population Awareness

Canada's birth and death rates will remain low, but with the constant addition of new immigrants annually it's population is sure to rise, both in 2015 and 2065. Germany's population however is declining, 2015 population was 82,562,000 the highest it will ever be, and by 2065, 66,531,000, and still declining.