The Enviorment of Coppell

What is wrong?

One major problem with Coppell, is it's scenery. Most of our grass is either dead, or very tall. Because of this, some of the city looks very unappealing. This is an issue, because people may not be willing to move into the city. However, this can be fixed by adding several things to the enviorment.

Adding onto Coppell.

What to do.

Coppell can become more appealing to people who want to move in, if certain changes were made. One major change that could be made, would be to fill in the cement in some of the broken up sidewalks and roads. This can make Coppell look nicer.
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As you can see, when comparing older, broken up roads to new roads, the newer roads look a lot better. With better looking roads, the rest of the city may look more modern-like, and may attract people to living there. Another thing that could help, would be to clean up the creek that runs across a portion of the city.
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