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February 2017

Dates to Remember

Mid Terms Go Out: February 3

Winter Break/Snow Make-up Days: February 20 - 21

ISTEP Testing Window: February 27 - March 3

Cupcakes and Canvas

Cupcakes and Canvas, a monthly event led by NAHS and FCCLA students, gets participants creating beautiful works of art in a fun environment. Each Cupcakes and Canvas session is led by a Western Boone student artist who teaches participants how to create the pre-selected art piece. Western Boone students also serve fresh baked cupcakes and drinks to artists as they paint.

“Cupcakes and Canvas provides an opportunity to work with the wonderful members of FCCLA and the community. We enjoy a fundraiser that causes our students to grow as artists and also directs 100% of the funds to the students’ organizations. They enjoy planning and implementing the events themselves.” - Mrs. Gavin

"Cupcakes and Canvas has been a wonderful collaboration between NAHS and FCCLA for about a year now. Students have been able to showcase their baking and art skills to the public, while also gaining presentation/public speaking skills. The support of the community for our two areas has been very heart-warming and reassuring to our students!" - Mrs. Nicodemus

“We do Cupcakes and Canvas to bring in a group of people with various skills. Whether they are professional or new at painting, we give them a time to try something fun to do. It brings people together to have a nice time.” - Kalei Garza

“The time I have spent at Cupcakes and Canvas with my Grandma has been some of the best bonding time between us and she gets to paint again like she used to do when she was my age.” - Adam Voils

“As a teenage artist, Cupcakes and Canvas is a great opportunity for young artists to connect with the community. It also teaches us how to teach art, which takes new skills other than just creating on your own. I love helping others and meeting new people from the community through my love of art.” - Megan Dickey

"Cupcakes and Canvas has helped me tremendously with my baking skills, and I get to have fun while doing it!" - Madison Johnson

"I like Cupcake and Canvas because it is nice to present some of the amazing treats we make to some amazing people." - Max Johnson

Junior High STEM Learning

To better prepare students for success in the future, Western Boone Jr.-Sr. High School offers students the opportunity to begin taking Engineering courses as a junior high student. These courses prepare students for the future by providing them opportunities to plan, design, and build objects to solve everyday problems.

"I like hands on stuff because it keeps me engaged in class and I'm not bored off looking around the class room or talking to people. We can actually do things that we enjoy." - Zachary Hammon

"We enjoy working together on our project away from computers. We have a better visual about what we need to do. We can learn easier and we will know how to work with other people in the future. We are learning about how to use different tools and various materials." - Dylan Washam

"In engineering we are making mazes at the moment. It sounds fun because I enjoy making inventions with my hands." - Angel Suppers

"I like that we can have hands on and group activities. There are a lot of fun exercises for the Engineering Process. I also like the kind of tools that we use." - Logan Barker

"In Engineering and Technology we are making a card board maze for a marble to go through. We must construct a maze for a marble to go through as close to as 10 seconds as we can get. The only supplies we are allowed to use it card board, and duct tape. This class is very fun and we learn a lot on problem solving and finding a solution." - Coy Barton

AP/ACP English Goes to the IRT

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Western Boone AP and ACP English students were recently able to attend a live performance of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. Live performances, as well as other field trips, are an important component to the curriculum at Western Boone to give students experiences outside of the classroom.

"I was delighted to see our Webo students engaged in the IRT production Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Students came back with insightful questions and comments in response to the play. It is awesome to see their critical thinking come out when placed in a real-life situation. I am proud to teach these great students!" - Mrs. Walden

"I enjoyed Seeing Guess Who's Coming To Dinner and I thought the entire field trip was great! Thank you for allowing the honors English classes to see the play." - Carly Smith

"It was really nice to get out of the classroom setting and enjoy a well-performed show." - Samantha Thompson

"Stepping outside of the regular day-to-day basis and seeing new people was so refreshing!" - Callie Gubera

"After watching this play, I realized that the racial issues expressed in it happened not too long ago; it's a good thing that people have come to accept other's more but it's also sad to see that race is still in issue in today's world." - Taylor Casey

"I loved having a break from all the stress that I encounter daily. It was nice to just sit and enjoy some entertainment and wonderful company. But, I couldn't help but analyze some aspects of the play thanks to AP Lang with Mrs. Walden!" - Ashlynn Hunley

"The play was an awesome experience, and I really had a great time watching the action and the heartache throughout the play. It was definitely one of the best plays I have ever seen, and I am so happy we got the experience to see it for myself." - Jack Fortner

"It was very interesting how the problems in the play are still very relevant to today's culture." - Lizzie Hendricks

"The opportunity that we got to see the issues and struggles between two races in front of our face was really eye-opening." - Luci Evans

Counselors' Corner

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On January 12th students were invited by grade level to the auditorium to hear information about how to schedule courses for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year to stay on track for the diploma track they are trying to complete. Sophomores were able to attend a Career and Technical field trip to both the J.Everett Light Career Center and the West Central programs in Crawfordsville that they had a possible interest in adding to their academic schedule before graduation. Now that students have turned in their schedule request forms to the guidance department, the school counselors will start meeting with students individually to make sure that the classes they requested align with their diploma track and future college and career goals.

On March 29th students will be given a finalized schedule for the upcoming school year that parents will be asked to sign and return by April 21st. Changes to schedules after that date cannot be guaranteed to be accommodated. If you have any questions about the scheduling process, please do not hesitate to contact one of the school counselors for additional guidance or support. We thank you for your patience during this time as we try to be thorough in making sure that every student has the best possible schedule to prepare them for their future goals.

Since Seniors do not need to schedule courses for next school year, they are highly encouraged to apply for scholarships during these upcoming weeks and are asked to remember that many of the scholarships can be applied to 2-year academic programs and not just 4-year programs.

LOL of the Month

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