What to know about Ergonomics

By: Bryce Holman 9.8.2015 8A


The study of people's efficiency in the work environment.
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OSHA and what they do...

OSHA ensures workers have a safe and sanitary environment to work. OSHA does this by giving you many rights as a worker, three of which are : Right to a safe work place, Right to use rights without discrimination or retaliation, and Right to receive information about hazards and operation of devices and equipment.

How to be Ergonomically Healthy

5 Ways to be Ergonomically Healthy are to: Have proper posture, Keep key objects close by to prevent straining, Use a foot rest, rest your wrist, and lastly use a headset if you use the phone often instead of holding it between your head and shoulder.

Negative Effects of bad Ergonomic Health

Two bad effects of bad Ergonomic health include Carpal Tunnel and other MusculoSkeletal Disorder or (MSD).