How Ronaldo is better than messi

By Rene Castro

GOAL!!!!!! Cristiano Ronaldo just scored aganist Barcelona.the crowd goes wild YAYYYY!!!!!. I believe that Ronaldo is better than Messi because he has more goals than him , and helps people that are really sick , and he is a really good team player.

Ronaldo has 64 goals this year and Messi has 54 goals this year. He has 10 more goals than him Ronaldo usually scores a hat-trick in every game they play. That means three goals in one game. His team has won most of there games this year. This year he had some easy shots and some hard shots. According to the author John Albert Torres, in Soccer Stars: Cristiano Ronaldo, "Even when Ronaldo is surrounded by defenders he still finds a way to score". He is a confident and determined player which allows him to score tons of goals.

He is a really nice, caring person because he donated 100,000 of his own money to help build a cancer care center for the hospital that successfully treated his mother when she had cancer. he tried to help kids and adults that have cancer.He grew up really poor and he wanted to be famous soccer player so that he can help sick people.His dream came true,and he was proud of himself.

He is a really good team player he doesn't ball hog .Ronaldo has like 79 assist this year.He likes passing the ball and dribbling. When he gives a assist he celebrates with the one who scored the goal. According to John Albert Torres in Soccer stars: Cristiano Ronaldo"Ronaldo and Manchester United teammate Wayne Ronney celebrates after Ronney scored in the 2008 Champion" He is not a selfish player .

In Conclusion i believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi because he has more goals, and is a caring person, and is a team player. When you see them playing against each other and see who gives the most effort in the game and you will see that Ronaldo gives the most effort than Messi.


Soccer Stars Cristiano Ronaldo by: John Albert Torres

Soccer Stars Lionel Messi by: john Albert Torres