Gun Control In The US

Jorge Gonzalez

Should people be able to carry concealed weapons?

Concealed weapons should be open carry and not hidden because as a human being to know who around them is carrying a gun, also stores and restaurants should know who in there business is carrying a weapon and from that point decide if they let them in or not.

About Gun Control

In Texas you have to be at the very least 21 to own a hand gun. How ever if you are a convicted felon you are not allowed to carry a weapon. A fun fact i didn't know about until this research project is a weapon does not have to be under your name. However i think it should be due to pin point crimes. Also a person cannot carry a weapon even with an open carry listen if they are intoxicated due to the fact that they would not be in the right state of mind. People can carry a weapon inside of there car for safety purposes even without a gun listens. But there are requirements such as they cannot be a member of a street gang or cannot be convicted of anything higher than a class c misdemeanor.

Text Evidence

The article states classes for new applicants will include training on retention holsters and other methods to secure holstered handguns. Those who already have a concealed handgun license do not need additional training.
In this article it states, In Texas, you can now openly carry a handgun – in a hip or shoulder holster. You don’t need to conceal a gun like you did in the past.
The article "Enforce the gun laws we have" say that we should have open carry because we have the right to bear arms.
The article " An update on what were doing to keep guns out of the wrong hands" says that they have prevented criminals from buying guns by checking their background checks.
The article " Open carry push has Texas in sight" say that they might push the Open carry laws


The article states that its up to the owner to have the weapon concealed or not. Because they have the choice to have it hidden or out as long as they have the license. They see no point in the weapon having to be shown as long as everything is legal with it.
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