Cobra Pose

Kids Yoga pose of the week

What are the benefits

Cobra Bhujangasana is one of the best Kids yoga poses for opening the heart area. It broadens the chest, stimulates the lungs - that especially is benefitial for the kids who have Asthma. Its known to alleviate strees and fatigue and recommended to do before tests!

This is how you do it!

Get on the mat, or floor face down. Place your hands next to your chest, keep your head just above the floor. Take a deep inhale through the nose , ideally count in your mind till 5 and slowly moving from the base of the spine lift your chest, open shoulders and look up. Take a small pause and start exhaling ¨ssssssssss¨, making a sound of a snake and slowly lower the body. Repeat up to 5 times. Kids love this pose, especially the sound of the snake!

Rock pose

In yoga usually each pose has a contra pose to keep body in balance. I recommend right after Cobra to move into a Rock pose just for 3 breath, that will aditionally stimulate and elongate the spine, relax the shoulders and stretch the lower back! You can even tell Kids that snake climbed up on the rock and is resting!

Yoga Shala Ponce

We are offering Yoga Allience approved Kids Yoga teacher training in Puerto Rico. It is offered in spanish and english. Next training dates January 17 to 19, 2014.