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4th Grade Happenings

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Our class is the very first class out of the whole school to receive an "M" this school year!

At MIS classes can be rewarded by other teachers for demonstrating outstanding behavior. The classes are rewarded with bobcat "paws" that are displayed outside our classroom doors. When 10 paws are earned they can be turned in for a "bobcat", when 3 bobcats are earned it is turned in for a "M". This M earns us an AWESOME class reward, which we will be having next week! Anyone up for dodgeball in the library? What about extra recess, free time, music time or time to make paper airplanes and see whose will fly the furthest? We will decide on our reward next week! Good work Team Richardson!

Spirit Week

Spirit Week is from October 12-16th!
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social studies

In Social Studies we are going to learn all about Native Americans! We ended our week with an introduction to this unit by finding out who the first Native Americans in North America were and locating them on a map.

Next week we will focus in on the Native Americans in and around North Carolina. Students will be creating their very own books that will tell all about Native Americans.

Do any of you have any Native American running through your veins?

I can't wait to find out!

English Language Arts

We have finally finished learning all of our content standards for this quarter. So what does that mean? That means we will be spending the next week reviewing what we have learned! Bring on the story elements, character traits, setting, plot, comparing books, comparing illustrations, finding themes, using context clues and much, much more! Have your students tell you about all of these things. They are reading in class (and hopefully at home) so ask them about the books they are reading.


After talking with parents and students I have come to the conclusion that keeping up with a weekly IXL contract can be difficult for most students. So this week I did away with our IXL contract. (You are welcome) and instead, I made a "Math Menu" for students to work through at their own pace. The math menu was due on Wednesday and I am so proud to announce that our class had a 99% success rate completing and turning this in.

WAY TO GO KIDDOS! The math menu gives the students "appetizers" the assignments that are required of them. Two "main course" items to choose and complete, and "dessert" items that are not required but students can do when the other items are completed (they get extra credit for these). This menu was a hit and we will be starting our next math menu next week for our next math standard 4. OA. 4.

Speaking of things that are hard to keep up with.....

After talking with several parents and students about missing assignments and homework I came to the realization that fourth grade has dumped a tremendous amount of responsibility on our students. They are having to turn in all of their assignments, complete unfinished work, and make up any missing assignments. This is hard for students to do, I understand that this is difficult to keep up with! I have been told that in third grade students had communication folders that were sent home daily, this helped keep parents in the loop. I need my parents in the loop so we can help our students keep up with their work and learn how to be responsible.

SO.... I had a trial run this week with using a weekly planner that students fill out daily and take home in their folders. (A wonderful parent found the Weekly Planner for our students to use, and it has been incredible)! Since it has worked so well I am going to have students bring their folders to and from school daily to use the planner.

The Weekly Planner is in the clear pocket on the back of their folders. Students will write down due dates, missing work, incomplete assignments, homework reminders and any other notes or assignments as needed. Please use this planning log to check that your students are on track and completing work.

My goal is to eventually use the gradual release method and essentially ween students off the daily folders. For now, I want to have students take folders home every day probably until our December break. When we come back after our break we will try taking the folders home three days a week. After that we will keep cutting back the days and hopefully we will end the year with folders going home once a week to help prepare students for fifth grade.

As I have said before, I want to work with you to help your child succeed. Together we can help your students learn responsibility and prepare for fifth grade.

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School Pictures

School pictures were sent home on Friday, October 9 and they looked fabulous. I have a very handsome and beautiful class!

Please return pictures or payment by November 3rd.

Make up pictures will be on November 12th and students have to have their packet of pictures on that day if they are retaking them.


Speckles is the newest addition to our classroom. I am hoping he/she will make up for our reading tent that we had to take down (per the fire marshall). Speckles loves long walks around MIS, climbing the walls, eating crickets and watching the class learn.
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Let's have a spooktacular October!

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