Welcome Back SpeakOut

August 30, 2015

Let's Kickstart the New Year!

To all SpeakOut members,

We want to welcome you back to another awesome year!! We have a few exciting events already planned and we look forward to meeting with current and future members to discuss what this year has in store! SpeakOut will be leading the way on campus this year through its community outreach in programs like E-Sports and Feed the Homeless PB&J Night.

I am excited to support you in my second semester as club president and will work my hardest to create a year that is full of activities designed to give back! I am especially excited to work together with Relay For Life again this year. Collaboration with students, faculty, and other club events is an important focus for the goals of SpeakOut.

Thanks for all the hard work you have put into our club already and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions as we start rolling! TOMORROW is the STUDENT ORGANIZTION FAIR at SJSU and please stop by our table to connect with me and other members of the club! Can't wait to see you out there!


Aubrey Kring
SpeakOut SJSU President 2015-2016

Many voices. One calling.


  • Tuesday, September 1st - Student Org Fair -- 11:00am-2:00pm @ SJSU Tower Lawn (grass area in front of the library)
  • Saturday, October 3rd - New Season of E-Soccer -- 10:00am-11:30am @ Fairwood Elementary School (1110 Fairwood Avenue, Sunnyvale)


PRESIDENT: Aubrey Kring

Aubrey Kring is a second year student at SJSU with an interest in Child and Adolescent Development. She has participated as a coach for E-Soccer for over ten years. She received the “Teen of the Year” Award from the City of Pleasant Hill in 2013 and “You Make a Difference Award” by the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Special Education Department in 2014. She is determined to leave the school and community in a better place than it was when she arrived. She ran an E-Club on her high school campus to promote friendships between students of all abilities. She enjoys hiking, singing, listening to music, reading, and hanging with friends, plus she is really excited to to be your SpeakOut President this year and looks forward to starting new projects this year!

TREASURER: Andrew Norris

Andrew Norris is a junior at SJSU and an accounting major. He is glad to take care of the finances of SpeakOut and hopes to promote more funding for the club in order to provide new equipment for programs and member gear. He is an active participant in and watcher of all things baseball and basketball. Growing up in San Jose, Andrew has been coaching E-Hoops for a few years now and wants to work on bringing the program to the San Jose State community very soon. His favorite movie is Remember the Titans to get inspired.

SECRETARY: Stephanie Koo

In her second year at SJSU, Stephanie Koo is looking to major in History with a minor in photography. Currently undeclared, Stephanie hopes to one day become a high school History teacher and change students lives through enlightening them about the past. Her hobbies include playing music (since she can play piano and guitar) and scrapbooking. She looks forward to giving back to the San Jose area and keeping all of you updated and organized with meeting minutes!


Here's a look at what SpeakOut members have contributed to the club so far! What will you do?!


A Little More About SpeakOut

SpeakOut is a community service organization based at San Jose State University and aimed at helping the community by connecting students who want to make a difference. Students participate in projects that range from setting up book drives, helping the homeless, and volunteering as coaches in inclusive sports programs around Santa Clara County. Anyone is welcome to participate and varied events allow students to get involved in all types of programs.

Our Partnership with E-Soccer and E-Fitness

E-Sports are Bay Area community service athletic programs that specialize in inclusion. Inclusive sports partner typical and special needs kids alongside each other for various sports and activities. SpeakOut works to connect coaches to this Bay Area program. Check out their website for more information at e-sports.org .