Component 1B and Google forms


  • God & Growth
  • Component 1B review in pairs
  • TLAP chat in pairs
  • Learning the New Google forms through practice
  • Check out the rubric in my gcc
  • Work on a google form for your virtual co-op
  • Exit tweet

God & Growth

Colossians 3:23(NIV) "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters..."

  • What does this mean to you as a future educator?
  • How does this relate to you as a current student?
  • How can you model this belief in your classroom?

Component 1B review in pairs

  • Think, pair, share: discuss the different artifacts that you can put into your digital portfolio related to this component.
  • Share in the large group


In pairs, chat about:

Establishing rapport and developing relationships with students is the key to getting them hooked and engaged in learning. It’s all about making personal connections with your students from day one. Dave suggests the play-dough activity, an intriguing quote on the board and greeting the students daily in a unique way (pgs. 19-32). Pick 2 prompts

  • Prompt 1: In this chapter, Burgess states that in his opinion and experience an engaged student is rarely a behavior problem. Would you agree? Share an experience.
  • Prompt 2: Think about the activities you do during the first week of school to get to know your students and to help them get to know each other.
  • Prompt 3: How you can get to know your students in a unique way during the first week of school.
  • Prompt 4: What did you find interesting about this chapter?
  • Prompt 5: Do you have a memory from K-12 or college that relates to this chapter?

Tweet out your response using #gccedu and #tlap. Be sure to tag you and your partner in the post!

Google Forms Practice

  • Login into your professional gmail account
  • Click on Drive
  • Select NEW - More
  • Select FORMS
  • Create a title
  • Form description
  • Create 1 question prompt
  • Identify how you want a student to respond
  • Discuss the types of question responses available in google forms
  • Learn how to make a question required
  • Learn how to copy a question
  • Learn how to delete a question
  • Learn how to add a section
  • How to add an image
  • How to add a video
  • Check out a theme!

To the rubric in my GCC

Need a review? Here is a great video tutorial about creating a Google Form.

How to Use the New Google Forms

Start to practice on this google form for your virtual co-op

Exit Tweet

  • Tweet out a takeaway about google forms I like it doesn't it count!
  • Include a screenshot of your google form so far in your tweet
  • Use #gccedu in tweet