mako shark the leopard of the sea

By Taylor Lucas


mako sharks are very intelligent.In the section below I will inform you about the Mako shark and how they perform

Physical characteristics and diet

mako sharks have a small nose long gill slits which are used to breathe .they can grow up to 5 to 8 feet long that's as long as the car and can way up to 1000 pounds. they are gray on the top and white on the bottom this is for camouflage so creatures be low can't see them and creatures above can't see them.Mayco sharks mainly feed on schools of tuna herring mackerel swordfish and porpoise.

Pray,predators, and travel

The mako is a very fast swimmer they can go up to 70 mi./h they will also swim and Packs sometimes to catch their prey and can jump out of the water up to 10 feet of needed. the makos predators she's a bigger mako swordfish and the school of dolphins. the mako sleep with one eye open because they do not if they were to get flipped over they could not flip back over again and they would die. The makos prefer warm water. They thrive in California and San Diego to have pups you need warm water.

Are they a target for humans?

Meiko's are big game fish for fisherman and are also big for shark fin soup because the fat in the dorsal fin is very rich. the Meiko is a beautiful creature and they are going extinct they need our help.




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