Catching Fire

By: Shelby Blalock

Katniss's hunt

Katniss is hunting to help support Gales family since Gale has to go work in the mines, she can easily provide for her family because she won the games. She hunted 8 rabbits, 2 squirrels and a beaver for Gales family.

The Meeting with Snow

President Snow wanted to have a meeting with Katniss to talk about the uprisings of people that did not believe in Katniss and Peeta's love story during the games. He threatens Katniss to make the people believe in the love during the Victory Tour. They now have to get married to show their love.

The Victory Tour

Katniss and Peeta go on the Victory Tour throughout the districts ending in the capitol. They start in 12 and go to 11 and so on , the tour is awful for Katniss because she has to speak to all the people knowing that they don't like her because she killed their kids. In the Capitol party she meets the new Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee and dances with him and he shows her his watch as a hint of the games this year.

When all got worse

Peeta and Katniss go on a walk into the square where they see a huge crowd. In the middle Katniss sees Gale getting a whipping from a head peacekeeper. Katniss quickly jumps in front of Gale to save him and the Peeta and Haymitch follow. They convince the peacekeeper to stop so then Gale can get help from Ktniss's mom who is like a doctor.

Meeting in the Wods

When Katniss has a day to herself she goes hunting. She meets these two girls who are running away from District 8 in search of secret District 13. Their names are Bonnie and Twil and Katniss helped them by giving them food in return for information on uprising. When Katniss returns home the electrified fence has become active. In attempt to jump over the fence Katniss her ankle and spine and wobbles home. When she returns two peacekeepers notify her that the fence is now active 24/7.

What is the Quarter Quell this Year

When Katniss finally starts feeling better she tries on some of the wedding dresses for her and Peeta's wedding. After that she hears that she will be going back into the games as well with Peeta who volunteered for Haymitch. She knows that it will be hard to win because she is going against experienced victors.

The Training

Haymitch wants Katniss and Peeta to bond with a lot of the tributes during training to make a alliance during the games. Katniss mainly bonded with the weaker tributes rather than people like the careers. She liked Beetee and Wiress because they were smart ,but Finnick wanted to be in her alliance. After assements everyone wanted to be with her beacause of her and Peeta's first scores of 12.

The Big Announcement

During the Caesar Flickman Show Katniss's dress was a beautiful wedding dress that Snow requested her to wear, of course Cinna put the flame twist to turn the dress into a mocking jay with wings on the hands. Peeta announced that the games harmed their marriage and that they were going to have a baby, the crowd was mad at the Capitol for putting them into the arena.

Welcome to the 75th Hunger Games

Right as Katniss goes up into the arena Cinna is being beaten and he dies for changing the dress, and when the games start katniss sees ocean and jungle. Throughout the games Finnick , Mags, Peeta, and katniss become a alliance early in the games the encounter a posion fog which ended up killing Mags. Then they get caught up in monkeys that kill another tribute. Eventually they met up with Johanna, Beetee, and Wiress who encountered blood rain. They figured out the arena was a clock and Beetee set up a trap to electrify the remaining careers.

A surprise to Katniss

After they blew up the arena Katniss is lifted into a hovercraft where she is being treated. She finds out that there was a plan that Plutarch and others had set up to create a uprising and its base would be in the lost District 13. Katniss is reunited with Gale and was informed that 12 had been blown up but her mom and sister were okay. Then she hears that Peeta had been caught by the Captiol as well as Johanna and he was being used.