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TSI Testing: Seniors you must complete the PAA below to sit for the TSI exam Jan. 30 - Feb. 3!!

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Important Upcoming Dates and Events

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Student Conference Policy

All conference appointments will need to be booked via Calendly (linked below). Students have two options for conferences: during a class period or during advisory. Students must get with their teachers prior to booking the appointment to make sure they are able to get a pass to the college & career center, Room 1500.

*Your confirmation of this booking needs to be shown to your teacher as a pass to the college & career center*

Everything SchooLinks

How to Request a Transcript for Scholarship/Non-College Applications:

How to Download an Unofficial Transcript:

How to Request an Official Transcript for College Applications:

Requesting Letters of Recommendations (LORs):

*Students be sure to provide your recommender your Brag Sheet. This can be found in the GRHS Counselor's Corner Canvas college & career module.

How to "Clean Up" your SchooLinks Submission Tracker:

Seniors be sure your Alumni Accounts are set up:

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SchooLinks Scholarship list:

Click the link for the GRHS Scholarship Bulletin:

Check the CCMR social media platforms for additional scholarship opportunities.

Twitter: @theranch_CCMR

Instagram: @theranch_CCMR

College Planning Checklists

College Visit Policies

Students classified in the 11th and 12th grade are eligible for up to (2) visits in a school year related to a college or university visit. Students must secure prior campus principal approval per the College Visit Request Form and upon verification of the College Visit Pre-Approval Form verification by the visiting college or university, the accrued absences will not count toward the exemption requirement. Visit the Counselor Corner Canvas page for a college visit form.

Students MUST be passing all classes in order to use a College Visit Day.

Unused days do NOT roll over from Junior to Senior year.

Any College Visits over the approved (2) days per year will be counted as an absence that will count against exemptions.

Scan the QR at the top right of this section to access the College Visit Request Form.

College Applications (Seniors)

Priority Deadlines

Many state and public universities use priority deadlines to encourage early applications. The priority deadline date varies by college and/or university. Students who choose this type of application must have a complete application, all supporting documents, along with their application fees paid to be considered a complete application! Please make sure that if you are planning to go to college that you are aware of the application deadline and understand the different application types (priority, regular, early decision, early actions, etc.)

After Applying

It is very important that after you apply to a college or university that you continuously check the email entered within your application. Students must use their personal email NOT their school email address. The majority of colleges and universities will acknowledge the receipt of your application via that email address. Along with the acknowledgment of your application, they will also send you information that will allow you to access your individual student portal. The student portal will allow you to check your admission status and items that are needed to finish your application and future enrollment. This is a very important step in the admissions process as colleges cannot make a decision on your application if it is not completed (including the submission of supporting documents).

If you have submitted your application to an institution but have not taken the time to submit supporting documents, please refer to the Helpful Information for Seniors on the senior Canvas page. This has all the information you need for how to get that done.

Letters of Recommendation

It is very important that you speak with the person you are requesting a letter from BEFORE you send the request through SchooLinks. Students must submit their request at least two weeks before the deadline and provide your recommender with a copy of your brag sheet. Please give your recommender at least two weeks to complete the letter. Some recommenders may need more time and will communicate that with you during your initial conversation.

Transcript Requests

Once you have submitted a college application in GoApplyTexas, through the college’s website, or through the CommonApp system, follow the instructions linked below to add your application to SchooLinks to request your transcript. ONLY do this if you have submitted a college application.

Steps to Add College to SchooLinks How to Request College Transcript One Pager

Texas Public & Private College Automatic Admissions Policies

Appy Texas College Application & University Scholarship Deadlines Information

Colleges that Offer Tuition Promise Plans (free tuition based on family income)

College Readiness & Admissions Testing

Need to take the SAT or ACT? Click the link to register.



Exam Registration Fee Waiver Rules:

ACT Rules:

Must be enrolled in LCISD Free or Reduced Lunch Program
Must be a junior or senior
May request up to four (4) ACT exam registration fee waivers
May only request one fee waiver at a time
May not request fee waiver more than 60 days before the test date

SAT Rules:

Must be enrolled in LICSD Free or Reduced Lunch Program
Must be a junior or senior
May only request ONE SAT exam registration fee waiver
- One registration fee waiver code will allow the student to register for up to two (2) SAT exams for free. One code- two exam registrations.
May not request fee waiver more than 60 days before the test date

TSIA2- Texas Success Initiatice Assessment 2.0

What is the TSI and why is it important? Watch this short video to learn more about the TSIA2.

Senior TSI PAA

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Career Exploration Program- ASVAB

Military Recruiter Information

Financial Aid

Steps to completing the FAFSA:

FAFSA opens October 1st each year for students to apply for financial aid for the following school year. Class of 2023 seniors will complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA.

Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to complete the FAFSA.

Step 1: Student and ONE parent must create an FSA ID (see video below with instructions).

Step 2: Wait for FSA ID verification email from Social Security Administration (takes 24-72 hours to receive verification email after you create your FSA ID)

Step 3: Go to click on Start Here, log into your account using your FSA ID, then begin the 2023-2024 FAFSA application.

Step 4: On the FAFSA application where it asks if the parent wants to “Link to IRS” say YES! The parent will enter their FSA ID, then the 2021 tax information will automatically be imported into the student’s FAFSA application.

Step 5: Student and parent electronically sign the 2023-2024 FAFSA using their FSA ID.

**If the student is a US Citizen/Permanent Resident but the parent is not, then the student will create an FSA ID but the parent will not. The parent will need to hand enter the 2020 tax information into the FAFSA application. At the end of the application the student will electronically sign the FAFSA and the parent will print the signature page, sign it, and mail it in. **

Check the 8 steps to complete the FAFSA form:

Completing the FAFSA 2022-2023

Steps to Complete TASFA:

TASFA opens October 1st each year for students to apply for financial aid for the following school year. Class of 2023 seniors will complete the 2023-2024 TASFA.

TASFA is Texas state financial aid for students who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents. If you qualify for FAFSA then you do not qualify for TASFA. If you do not qualify for FAFSA then you qualify for TASFA.

TASFA is a PDF application that the student will fill out on the computer, print, sign and mail to the college’s financial aid office or drive to the college’s financial aid office. The TASFA application does not go to any government agency, it only goes to the college’s financial aid office.

Step 1: Download the English or Spanish version of the 2023-2024 TASFA application at

Step 2: Read all instruction pages before you begin the TASFA.

Step 3: Fill out the TASFA application on the computer. Save the completed form before you print. Print the completed form.

Step 4: If the parent(s) file US taxes, the parent will need to request a copy of the 2021 IRS tax transcript. Request a tax transcript: If the parent does not file US taxes, skip steps 4 & 5.

Step 5: If receiving the tax transcript through the mail, make a couple of copies.

Step 6: Mail or drive the TASFA application and the tax transcript to the financial aid office of the colleges the student has applied to. It is best practice to send all documents to the college’s financial aid office after the student has submitted the admissions application.

Completing the TASFA 2022-2023

Student Athlete Recruiting Resources

One Minute Recruiting Videos for Student Athletes:

NCAA Eligibility Center:

Contact Mrs. Arias:

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College Planning Checklists