by:Ronald H.

About Bill Gates

He was born on October 28 1995 in Seattle Washington. When Bill Gates started middle school he wanted to do computer hacking. Bill Gates enrolled into Harvard university then dropped out to make his own company with computers. Bill Gates was the youngest billionaire ever.To be exacted i think he made $1.8 billion when he started selling Microsoft products.


At Redmond, Washington in 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen created Microsoft. It was first a computer company then went into consoles.After the consoles started then they made windows.And now when it first started it was just computers.But now its much more than what it used to be.

Impact on society

When it was first introduced everyone wanted what Microsoft had because it was so popular and without it life wouldn't right without .

Why they made Microsoft

They made Microsoft because people liked electronics, plus Bill Gates made Microsoft because he wanted to make a computer company.
MICROSOFT "MOVEMENT" Surface Commercial - Directed by Jon M. Chu [DS2DIO]
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