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Eric Kimmel is Coming!

Our next big event is Eric Kimmel’s Author Visit on March 10! I’m so excited! The kids have been reading folk tales, holiday stories, Anansi stories, etc. in preparation. Book sales began January 13 and will end January 28 because the orders have to be processed far in advance. Eric is able to autograph books for your family and friends so don't miss this unique opportunity!

Reading in Jammies was a huge success! Thanks to PTO for organization, juice and cookies! Thanks to Mr. Monaghan, Mrs. Ham, Dr. Suess, Mrs. Grajales and Mrs. Hawks for sharing Eric Kimmel stories! It was lots of fun!

Classroom Happenings

Kindergarten classes have been so busy. They have learned about groundhogs and objects in the night sky. They used the table of contents and pictures to gather information about the sun, moon and stars. We have started to read Eric Kimmel stories and look at characters, setting and beginning/middle/end.

First grade classes have been doing research about animals, presidents and famous African Americans. They have learned about IIM (Independent Investigation Method) that is our process for research. I'm amazed at what first graders can do!

Second grade has been working on their animal research in their science classes, nonfiction text features to go along with animal research in their language arts classes and are starting their biography work. It's very exciting to see the students notice that the questions they have in research are turning into the main ideas in their research product! Their information gathered is turning into the supporting details!

Third grade has worked on inference, sequencing and subject/predicates in language arts. Ms. Stevens' is working on National Parks and kids are doing research and reading with that. Everyone worked on economics in social studies so we did a circle map to kick that off. Mrs. Byrd's class learned about Eric Kimmel as a model for biography research and they will be starting research on a famous African American. Mrs. Walker's kindergarten class is also starting that research, so Mrs. Byrd's experts will help us out with that.

Fourth grade is working on research of the Texas Revolution. Mrs. Monroe's class kicked their study off with an inferencing activity on the Alamo. Ask your 4th grader in Mrs. Monroe's classes about the categories for inferencing! Science classes are working on erosion.

Fifth grade classes are working on Lewis and Clark. I love that time in US history and it is fun to find resources that help them learn that! Science classes are using severe weather books.

Electronic Books at Marek

Electronic Books


The login is: Marek Password is: school

· NEW!!!! (States and Native Americans)

Login: Marek; Password: School

· StarWalk Media – also electronic books. This will read fiction and nonfiction books to the students. (bookmark this page for future visits)

Student Login: – Marek Student Password: Marek

New electronic books are being added to the catalog this month. We added 50 this week which includes 7 Bluebonnets that kids can “VIEW” at home without checking out! Go to the catalog on the library webpage. Type in “electronic books” for a complete list or the individual titles. Click on the copy with a Blue E instead of a red book. Click View. You will be asked for a password….Mackin login is mmelib and the password is mmeread. Follett login is Guest and password is Guest. Some will read to students. You may need to download the app for Mackin or Sebco, but it will prompt you.

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